01 junio 2006

El festival ya llegó

Como decia en un post anterios, aqui os pego las bases de lo que es una iniciativa para fomentar las operaciones desde isla italianas.

(la info llega a través de IZ8EDJ)

Italian Islands Summer Activity 2006

The event is of three months long and has the scope to introduce the Italian
Islands, inestimable patrimony that the nature has intentionally gave us.
The event has moreover the scope to stimulate among of all the OMs,
"activators" and "hunters" of islands a wish to join and improve both sides
of DX activity.

Participation: Opened to all Italian and Foreign OMs and SWLs

Period: From 00:00 UTC of June 21/06 to the 24:00 UTC of September 21/06

Bands: HF, 6m, VHF, UHF (Sat, repeater, MS, EME's QSOs are not allowed)

Modes: SSB, CW, Digitals in the respect of the Band Plan

Rules for the activators: Italian Islands activators, in order to validate
their operations, have to send the hand written or electronic logs, pictures
taken during the activation and any documents proving their activity to the
Award Manager.
There is no limit to the number of islands who can be activated during 1
single day, but a minimum of 100 HF QSOs or 50 VHF contacts are necessary to
confirm each activation, according to the I.I.S.A rules.
If the activation is made by a Team (multi-operators) using just one shared
callsign, the activation would be validated to all the members of the Team,
providing a picture, showing all Team members, with a list of each callsigns
of the pictured group.
Award & Fee: Participation certificate to the "Summer Activity" is released
to those OMs & SWLs who will contact a minimum of 20 different references on
HF and 10 different references for the VHF endorsement. Requests have to be
sent within and not beyond the 30th of November 2006 to the Award Manager
IZØBTV, Simone Bizzarri P.o.Box 51, 00046, Grottaferrata (Rome) Italy. Fee:
10 euros or 15 $ .
Hand made or electronic log and a personal QSL are requested as well, joint
with the application form.
More information will be published at the following web sites:
http://www.strangeradioteam.com , http://www.simonebizzarri.it

Prizes: Plates for:
. the first 3 activators (those who did activate the highest number of
. the first 3 classified on the "Hunter" list (those who did work the
highest numbers of references)
. the first SWL
. The First S.R.T. Member who have activated the highest number of islands


Oreste D'Anzilio, IZ8EDJ
S.R.T. Founder & Coordinator
QSL Manager ( V51KC, V55O, YI3SRA, IR8C )

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