23 julio 2006

Otra nueva entidad desde ayer 22 de julio

Según informa KF2TI, desde ayer la isla Swains, hasta ahora parte de KH8, es la entidad n º 337 para el DXCC.

Os pego el texto original:

Newington, Connecticut

July 22, 2006

For Immediate Release

With the addition of Section II, Criteria Rule 1c) to the Political Entity criteria, certain former separation entities may now qualify as Political Entities. One such entity has been determined to be American Samoa. American Samoa is now a Political Entity for DXCC purposes.

As a result of the reclassification of American Samoa, and upon the filing of a request and substantiating evidence, and with the concurrence of the DXAC and the Awards Committee, Swain's Island has been added to the DXCC List.

Swain's Island, entity number 337, qualifies as the first separation entity from American Samoa, now a Political Entity. The distance between American Samoa and Swain's Island has been determined to be in excess of 350 km as required by DXCC Rules Section II, Paragraph 2, Section b).

QSOs made with Swain's Island on or after 0001Z, July 22, 2006 will count
for DXCC credit.

Mas info de esta isla(en inglés) aquí

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