08 mayo 2011

KH4/W5FJG on the air

I have just been assigned to Midway as the chief communications officer for the Island. I arrived May 02 with my Icom Ic-7000 (no power supply or antennas). I will be living and working on Midway for at least one year.

I am working out the detail on setting up an antenna and getting all the things needed to get a modest station on the air by June 01.

I hope to operate 6 through 40 (80 if I can get a good vertical to the Island). SSB, CW, RTTY and other digital modes. I am looking for a QSL manager, as well as anyone willing to donate a multi band HF Vertical or small HF yagi.
Since I am working on the Island operating times will vary during the week and

I am setting up a Website that will contain some information about the Island and post operating schedules.

Over time I intend to set up a long term station on the Island so Midway will remain on the air long after I have gone.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards, Joe KH4/W5FJG

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