07 junio 2014

Special Callsigns Brazil 2014

According the same act, any Brazilian amateur radiostation gained the option to transmit from June 12 to July 13, 2014 (the period of the World Cup) with special callsign formed by it’s own usual letters, but with double numbers of the prefix, without any further requirements or fees to be sent or paid to Anatel.
For example: PY2AA, the usual callsign of LABRE’s station in Sao Paulo, can be used as PY22AA during the World Cup.

If and only if Brazil wins the World Cup, any Brazilian amateur radio station can be operated from July 13 to August 31, 2014 with special callsign formed by it’s own usual letters, but with 6 added to the numbers, also without any further requirements or fees to be sentor paid to Anatel.

For  example:  PY2AA,  can  be  changed  to  PY26AA.  The  number  6  is  relative  to  the  possible  sixth  title  of Brazil on World Cups.

Brazil, The Football Land!
LABRE  also  will  promote  a  new  award  called  “Brazil  Terra  do  Futebol”  (Brazil,  The  Football  Land).  Only contacts  between  June  01  and  July  30  will  be  valid. Twelve key stations will use  ZX14  prefix and fifteen special stations will use ZY14 prefix. The award has 3 categories:

4 key stations ZX14
5 special stations ZY14
25 others stations from Brazil
8 key stations ZX14
10 special stations ZY14
50 others stations from Brazil
All 12 key stations ZX14
All 15 special stations ZY1480 stations from Brazil

Interesting to note that we will have only one special or key station per state, so who can work all 12 key stations ZX14 and all 15 special stations ZY14, will be ready to obtain another award, the Worked All Brazil (WAB).

Brazil  made  a  similar  successful  event  this  year  to celebrate  the  80  years  of  the  unification  of  regional amateur  radio  clubs  to  the  formation  of  an  unified  national  representation  for  the  amateur  radio:  LABRE.

During the celebration, stations ZZ80 were heard inseveral bands from all 27 Brazilian states.
For more informations on “Brazil Terra do Futebol” (Brazil, The Football Land) and WAB, visit the LABRE’s website: http://www.labre.org.br
LABRE was engaged with ANATEL for months to define  the basis of these programs. Orlando Perez Filho (PT2OP,  CEO  of  LABRE)  and  Gustavo  de  Faria  Franco  (PT2ADM,  president  of  LABRE´s  council), considered  the  activities  good  opportunities  for  amateur  radio  community  increase  the  number  of  radio contacts, stimulate WPX types of awards and promotethe international goodwill on Amateur Radio along with this very special sportive event.

Gracias Orlando, PT2OP.

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