26 octubre 2019

Moviendo un faro, en OZ


14 septiembre 2019

IOTA News 11-Sep-2019

Posted on the IOTA Website ....
''Change to IOTA Programme Rules, provision E.1.2
To clarify its position on the conduct of operations put on for the IOTA Programme the IOTA Board has updated the text of provision E.1.2 in the IOTA Programme Rules as follows:
IOTA Management attaches importance to the maintenance of fair play as far as is practicable. From time to time a set of circumstances occurs where official intervention is considered justified. One such case is where there is seen to be apparent intentional unfair, even discriminatory, treatment of people in the making of contacts or issue of QSL cards or QSO matches. An example of this is where an expedition to a rare IOTA group follows a clear practice of discriminating against contacts with non-participants in the IOTA Programme or, post-event, of deleting them from the log. In this regard the cardinal principle to be followed must be that it is immaterial whether the contact is a known participant or not in IOTA. Failure to observe fair play in cases like this is sufficient justification for rejection of the operation for IOTA credit on grounds of it bringing the IOTA Programme into disrepute. All participants are asked to have regard for our long established tradition of acting in accordance with the best of ham spirit.
G3KMA, 11 September 2019 ''

04 agosto 2019


Restructuring of AS-117/AS-206
(Published: 30 July 2019 on the IOTA Website)
Islands previously listed as qualifying for AS-117 that now fall within the co-ordinates box of the new group AS-206, Honshu’s Coastal Islands East, have now been transferred and are listed appropriately both in the application database scroll-down list and in the IOTA Directory online.
Following several activations from AS-206 in the last few weeks with most already accepted for credit, the group number is now confirmed. Record-holders with credits for AS-117 that commence with prefixes JA0, 1, 2 and 7, will have their credits reviewed for transfer to AS-206. All chasers who logged into the IOTA system at least once during the last two years will be automatically informed by a credit re-allocation. This will alert them to the need to find a replacement card or QSO match for AS-117 with a prefix JA3, 4 or 9 to regain credit.
Other record-holders for whom Management no longer retains an email address will have any necessary transfer made automatically. The intention is to transfer all credits to the correct IOTA group within a few weeks. As this is quite a big job, patience is requested.
G3KMA, 30 July 2019
Contact us at info@iota-world.org with any questions

09 junio 2019

Mínimo del ciclo 23

Muy interesante el articulo publicado en la web de M0OXO, sobre el estado actual de la propagación. Esa fue una de las predicciones emitidas la semana pasada por un panel internacional de expertos que se reunieron en el Taller anual de clima espacial de NOAA para pronosticar el próximo ciclo solar. Si el panel es correcto, los recuentos ya bajos de manchas solares alcanzarán un nadir en algún momento entre julio de 2019 y septiembre de 2020, seguido de una lenta recuperación hacia un nuevo máximo solar en 2023-2026.



Indexa Spring 2019 Issue Newsletter

Indexa Spring 2019 Issue 125 Newsletter- Baker Island KH1/KH7Z 



02 junio 2019


¿Quieres que tu nombre viaje a Marte?


19 mayo 2019

26 abril 2019

The FT4 Protocol for Digital Contesting by K1JT

K1JT, ha presentado este nuevo protocolo, FT4, especialmente pensado para concursos, mas rápido que el famosísimo FT8.

No dejes de leerlo: https://qrznow.com/the-ft4-protocol-for-digital-contesting-by-k1jt/

The FT4 Protocol for Digital Contesting by K1JT