10 febrero 2019

Calendario Febrero 2019

Tnx /www.iz5cml.it.

30 diciembre 2018

Propagación 2019

Parece que nos acercamos al minimo solar, así lo indican todos los expertos, así que a prepararse. (https://www.kb6nu.com/solar-minimum-not-expected-2019-2020)


25 diciembre 2018

Liga RCH-DVGE 2019

Muy buena iniciativa


09 diciembre 2018

Ducie Island

11 noviembre 2018

First Contact Award

Interesante la iniciativa de ARRL.

"Commemorate your first contact or present this beautiful certificate to a new ham for making that first memorable contact."

Radio Arcala

26 agosto 2018

IOTA - New checkpoints

IOTA - New checkpoints
The IOTA Management Team is pleased to announce the appointment with immediate effect of two new checkpoints to cover Spain and Canada.
Christian Cabre EA3NT has agreed to take on checkpoint duties for Spain, previously covered by Josep Gilbert, EA3BT and Nuria Font, EA3WL. His email is ec3adc@gmail.com.
Our thanks go to Josep and Nuria for their long service over many years and we wish them well.
Bud Powell, VE7SMP has agreed to accept a similar task for Canada, previously covered by Reg Beck, VE7IG (SK). His email is ve7smp@rac.ca.
Their mailing addresses are OK in QRZ.com. We welcome Christian and Bud to the team and look forward to an increase in IOTA awareness in their areas.
IOTA Participants in these countries, please note your new checkpoint.
G3KMA, 23 August 2018

06 mayo 2018

Un mapa para tener en cuenta

Interesante este mapa de cara a la operación del próximo mes de junio desde Baker & Howland, KH1/KH7K.

Así sabemos que es que en el Pacifico.

09 abril 2018