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Resultados Concurso DIE 2010/ 2010 DIE Contest Results

URE CULLERA Resultado XVI DIE Contest 2010 Categoría A Is.marítimas puntos N-096 ED1WD 494 O-012 EA1ET/P 372 S-005 EA8URL 280 S-159 EC7ITA/P 154 Categoría B Is. De interior M-005 EA4RCH/P 1006 Z-046 EA2AVJ/M 346 V.163 EC5CSW/P 310 V-137 EH5AEN 300 V-144 AN5P 2H16 L-035 EA3URT 174 V-024 EA5HIH/P sin lista Categoría C residentes E-022 EA6BE 480 E-022 EA6SB 70 E-022 EA6ACW sin lista S-233 EA7HY sin lista S-233 EA7NC sin lista Categoría D

Lighthouse Activator of the Year Award

Enhorabuena Jim.

Kenwood “TS-590″, Especificaciones

Ya están en la pagina de Japón de Kenwood las especificaciones definitivas de los modelos “TS590S” “TS590V” y “TS590D ”. El precio estará sobre los 1.500 € Enlace: http://www.kenwood.co.jp/en/news/2010/20100813.html

30 Meter Multi Mode Weekend - September 25th & 26th

Because you are a 30MDG Member we wanted to send you a personal invitation to this 30 Meter Weekend Event. You are welcome to pass this information along to your other digital friends or digital group forums. Thank you for joining in with us on the 30 Meter Band and this should prove to be a fun weekend. Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001 ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---------- 30 Meter Multi Mode Weekend When: September 25th & 26th Where: 10 MHz - 30 Meter Band (10.100 – 10.150) Objective: To promote experimenting and using different digital modes on unique 30 Meter Band. Those of you who want to participate using the more common modes of CW, BPSK31, RTTY, we welcome that, but those wanting to try other less used modes please do so and turn your RSID on to help others know what mode you are transmitting (common modes no need for RSID, do use RSID on the less common/exotic modes). A number of digital mode groups will be participating this weekend so if

New England To Host WRTC2014!

New England To Host WRTC2014! Congratulations New England RadioSport enthusiasts for crafting an award winning proposal. Doug Grant, K1DG , Chairman, WRTC2014, Inc. stated in CQ Contest Reflector, "We consider this a great honor, and will work hard to make the event enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved." RadioSport Russia set the new standard and raised the bar for competitors and participants. A job well done that benefited the future of ham radio. We have an example of world class competition that speaks to international goodwill and the enduring spirit of wireless communications, nothing less than field day style , for the young at heart. The task in New England is monumental and I'm hedging the assembled team of passionate volunteers and excellent leadership will produce one for ham radio's history book. This is an exciting moment for RadioSport USA!

"SAKURA", equipo casero japones

Equipo casero realizado por JG2LGM Esquemas y demás info en http://www2.tokai.or.jp/jg2lgm/Sakura.html

El arma secreta de UA1DZ

UA1DZ (SK) George on the roof. Home made HF 8 ele. Phase Array antenna Gracias Sparky.

Antena de agua de mar

Faro en la loteria


Operación Faro de Garrucha FEA E-0110.

Gracias Javier, EC7DZZ.

Intrusos en 40 metros

Gracias a EA1GAR.