Mostrando entradas de octubre, 2010


Algunos preparándose para el CQ WW DX SSB . EE5J.

Nuevo Ten Tec Eagle

Otro nuevo equipo para nuestros catálogos. Info del Ten Tec Eagle .

Foto de BS7H en la publicidad de SteppIR


Nuevo numero de Worldradiomagazine

Ya sabes donde acceder a ella: http://www.worldradiomagazine.com , numero de noviembre.

CQ WW Contest Webinar

Este domingo seminario online de los cambios en los concursos CQ WW (SSB & CW). CQ WW DX Contest Director Bob Cox K3EST and committee members John Dorr, K1AR and Doug Zwiebel, KR2Q will provide an update on the 2010 CQ WW SSB & CW DX contests. A Q&A session will follow the presentation. The event is hosted by the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC). Para registrarse (gratis): https://www2.gotomeeting.com/ register/934904682

Radio Arcala and the 2010 CQWW SSB Contest

Radio Arcala and the 2010 CQWW SSB Contest This year Radio Arcala set the target to become internationally focused and extended their ranks to the United States, Japan and Continental Europe, both in their overall expertise and their radio operating resources. Kazu, JK3GAD has done a superb job of taking many Arcala messages to his homeland. Now it is time to set sail to the United States and introduce another U.S. sound from the Radio Arcala station network. OH8X from Northern Finland will be activated by Marko, OH4JFN in SOAB, hoping for improved propagation from the Far North, and; OH0B from Aland Islands will be operated by Toni, OH2UA, current EU CQWW SSB and CW record holder, also in SOAB. They will run against each other to gain a Northern European victory and an initial set of qualification points for WRTC 2014. CR2X from the Azores with Jeff, N5TJ at the helm wil

POTA, Paks On The Air

Un nuevo diploma, POTA Welcome to the new Parks On The Air (POTA) POTA is a group of amateur radio operators who operate from Parks be it National,Provincial and State Parks from around the globe. As this group is new we are looking to generate lists of such Parks from across the world to compile a database that can be used to verify and work certain numbers (designators) Parks. This site is always under construction and will be in place until we find a homepage for us. Esta es la descripción del grupo de discusión sobre POTA .

7J1RL, Okino Torishima, expedición de 1976

Hoy preparando el articulo de la revista de Ure, sobre entidades "deleted", me he encontrado esta pequeña joya. Expedicion de la JARL a Okino Torishima, 7J1RL, nada mas y nada menos que en 1976, hace 34 años.

"The King is dead! Long live the King"

El titulo entero es: " The King (Packet cluster network) is dead! Long live the King (Skimmer reverse beacon network) " Este el titulo del interesantísimo articulo de CT1BOH , en el Reverse Beacon Network , que quizás lo conozcas también como Skimmer. No lo dejes de leer, allí Jose Carlos desmenuza las ventajas de utilizar estos sitemas frente al ya tradicional cluster.

EA9PB y su otra pasión.

Gracias a Toni, EA5HJO , llego a este interesante vídeo de EA9PB, y su otra pasión.

Kenwood “TS-590″, primeras impresiones

Gracias Sparky.