Mostrando entradas de julio, 2016


With the advent of mobile friendly web site requirements, the ILLW team thought it was time to upgrade the ILLW site to make Google and the entrants happy. Not only has the old site been given a facelift but two other site have been created as well There is now a mirror site at  http://lighthouse-weekend.international  which carries the bare essentials for mobile phone/tablet use, but there's also  http://wllw.org  which has a new version of the lighthouse list. It was intended to carry out these upgrades after August but an uninvited guest in the  ILLW.net  site brought things forward. So, lets see if they work properly by getting your entries in for this year's event. The elusive 300 is just around the corner so go to either web site and fill in an entry form and treat yourself to a fun weekend on the air at a lighthouse.