12 septiembre 2007

IOTA AS-186 on the air

I get this news from DE0MST, thanks Manfred.
More info about the island on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arwad

Athens 6 September 2007
A team of 8 Greek ham radio operators all members of the National Amateur
Radio Society (Radio Amateur Association of Greece - R.A.A.G.) are going to activate the Syrian island of Arwad (AS-186) for 10days between November 1 and 15 this year.

The island will be activated for the first time in the IOTA program.
with the call YK9SV.
Special emphasis will be given on the low bands and modes of SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31. 6M activity is expected if propagation permits.

The team so far consists of: SV1IW, SV1JG, SV1RC, SV1RP, SV1QN, SV1ACK,

This Dx-Pedition is considered to be very expensive due to the special
agreements needed for licensing, transportation, operation costs and
support of the local Ham Radio Association.
Therefore we would kindly ask for your help and assistance in order to be
able to carry out our goal which is a successful operation. We primarily
need amateur gear like radios, amplifiers, antennas, coaxial and / or
financial support. In exchange we will put the company's (club or
association) logo on our QSL cards. Further promotion will be on our web
pages which will cover the event and stay on line for at least 1 year.
There will also be special mention in all articles send to major amateur
radio magazines, to mention a few: QST, Radcom, Radio Rivista, CQ DL, Radio REF, 59, Echo Ireland and many others. The story plus many photos will be sent also to major dx associations for presentation to their members and will be also distributed for viewing to major amateur radio events.

Please visit our pages at: http://www.raag.org/arwad. for more information
or contact Manos SV1IW.

Thank you in advance for your help
Waiting to hear from you.
For the group

Manos G. Darkadakis

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