04 marzo 2008

Russian Dx Contest 2008

Acabo de recibir por e-mail una invitación/recordatorio para participar en el Russian DX Contest 2008.

Se trata de una buena política ya que promocionan este interesante y divertido concurso entre los participantes de anteriores ediciones, como es mi caso.

Aquí os pego el correo y espero escucharos:

Dear Paco Gil, EA5OL !

Russian DX Contest team has a great pleasure to invite you to take part in Russian DX Contest held from 12:00 GMT March, 15th, 2008 till 12:00 GMT March, 16th, 2008.

We`d like to see you among increasing number of RDXC participants and we promise you great activity of Russian stations from almost all regions.

RDXC WEB page is http://www.rdxc.org/. You can find there news, rules, trophies list, tips&hints and a lot of useful information about RDXC. The contest rules are presented on 9 languages. You will also find results from 1997 till 2007, contest FAQ, some important analysis, articles, contest records, announced operations, photo gallery and much more.

We would like to point you to the trophies list. This year it's again increasing.

RDXC contest rules are very democratic - you can work anybody and make your best score within 24 hours time format.

We hope that this year's participants will send their scores and comments to this on-line page more regulary and by entry groups. We think this would help to keep the competition spirit on the highest level and will unite all RDXC participants!

Starting this year RDXC is in the list of WRTC-2010 qualified TOP ranking contests. Since WRTC selection will be done separately by regions your score is important in your own region.

We hope to have your signals in forthcoming RDXC-2008.

RDXC committee: RW1AC, UA2FZ, RA3AUU

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