10 abril 2008


Interesante noticia de Gianni, I1HYW

From: "Varetto Giovanni" <varettos@tin.it>

HI Folks,

Glenn Wakefield , VA7MLW is actually about 950 miles to the Falkland islands on
board of his Sailing Yacht Kim Chow. He's solitary sailor, and being an optimal
Ham radio operator, he's been busy on radio the past few weeks making new
contacts on 14250 SSB. As soon as the yacht ill cross the Falklands he will head
to Cape Horn. From that area, when on the Sub Antarctic waters, contacts with
VA7MLW/MM will count for both WAP Awards: WAP-WACA and WAP-PSA (Polar Ship
Antarctica). Pay a visit to his web site at:

Posted on WAP web site by Alberto Mattei, IT9MRM

More on www.waponline.


73 Gianni I1HYW

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