05 octubre 2008

Comunicado de F6EXV sobre TO5FJ QSLing

Muy buena iniciativa de Paul, F6EXV.

Hello all
9 months after the expedition to St Barth, I am still receving cards
almost daily.
I would like to stop answering direct requests and will confirm every
QSO in the log with a bureau card.
I AM NOT CLOSING THE LOG, but would be grateful to those intending to
request a card direct to do so without further delay.
The log has been uploaded to LotW, and can be checked on my webpage
I will QSL the left-over labels (I printed all the labels for all the
contacts, and the left-overs are those for which a card request has not
been received yet)
via bureau by December. The bureau card requests received to date have
already been answered (and also those with insufficient postage).

Feel free to adapt this text for publication to meet your requirements,
or contact me back if things are unclear...
Paul F6EXV

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