17 septiembre 2010

New England To Host WRTC2014!

New England To Host WRTC2014!

Congratulations New England RadioSport enthusiasts for crafting an award winning proposal. Doug Grant, K1DG, Chairman, WRTC2014, Inc. stated in CQ Contest Reflector, "We consider this a great honor, and will work hard to make the event enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved."

RadioSport Russia set the new standard and raised the bar for competitors and participants. A job well done that benefited the future of ham radio. We have an example of world class competition that speaks to international goodwill and the enduring spirit of wireless communications, nothing less than field day style, for the young at heart.

The task in New England is monumental and I'm hedging the assembled team of passionate volunteers and excellent leadership will produce one for ham radio's history book. This is an exciting moment for RadioSport USA!

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