17 octubre 2010

Radio Arcala and the 2010 CQWW SSB Contest

Radio Arcala and the 2010 CQWW SSB Contest

This year Radio Arcala set the target to become internationally focused and extended their ranks to the United States, Japan and Continental Europe, both in their overall expertise and their radio operating resources. Kazu, JK3GAD has done a superb job of taking many Arcala messages to his homeland. Now it is time to set sail to the United States and introduce another U.S. sound from the Radio Arcala station network.

OH8X from Northern Finland will be activated by Marko, OH4JFN in SOAB, hoping for improved propagation from the Far North, and;

OH0B from Aland Islands will be operated by Toni, OH2UA, current EU CQWW SSB and CW record holder, also in SOAB. They will run against each other to gain a Northern European victory and an initial set of qualification points for WRTC 2014.

CR2X from the Azores with Jeff, N5TJ at the helm will add a new element to the European racing scene. He comes with a formidable WRTC background and with current CQWW World Records for SSB and CW under his belt. As this is the first time Jeff enters the European scene in CQWW, the outcome promises to be interesting, to say the least.

5R8X from Madagascar will see the majority of Arcalians - OH2BH, OH2PM, OH6KN, OH7EA and OH8NC - traveling to this island nation in the Indian Ocean not only to provide a dual-multiplier but to do a variety of things at once. In CQWW they will be multi-op, single-TX while also making sure, with their awesome lineup of LF antennas, to provide a 5R8 on the low bands for those in need. Their low-band activity will last for two weeks, including CQWW plus the following weekend, with two stations expected to be on at prime hours.

QSL to OH8X via OH2UA, others via OH2BH.

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