21 enero 2011

7th Asian Winter Games

7th Asian Winter Games

UP2011, KAZAKHSTAN (Special Event). Members of the Almaty Amateur
Radio League (ARL) is organizing the activation of special event stations that
include UN2011G and 8 stations with UP2011 prefix (see list below) and one
station UP2011AWG from Astana (capital city) during the 7th Asian Winter
Games between January 29th (18.00 UTC) and February 6th (18.00 UTC).

The suffix of UP2011 stations will imply the abbreviation of the 8 winter types
of sports to be featured during the Games in Almaty and Astana.

Look for the following stations to be active on all HF bands including
30/17/12m using CW, SSB and the Digital modes:

UN2011G (Game) - ARL club station (regular callsign UN0GL)
UP2011AWG (Asian Winter Games) - contest team UP7Z from Astana,
UP2011AS (alpine skiing) - regular callsign UN8GU, op. Andy
UP2011BN (biathlon) - regular callsign UN7QCC, op. Victor
UP2011CS (cross-country skiing) - regular callsign UN6GAE, op. Alexander
UP2011FG (freestyle skiing) - regular callsign UN8GZ, op. Vitaliy
UP2011HB (Russian hockey, bandy) - regular callsign UN6GT, op. Valeriy
UP2011IH (ice hockey) - regular callsign UN2G, op. Evgeniy
UP2011SJ (ski jumping) - regular callsign UN6QC, op. Arthur
UP2011SO (ski orienteering) - regular callsign UN8GC, op. Michael

QSL via regular callsigns (direct or by the Bureau).

A special awards ("7th Asian Winter Games 2011" and "Almaty2011")
is available for those hams who manage to make QSOs with these special stations.
For more information, see: http://www.un-dx.ucoz.com (ENG)
and http://www.qrz.kz (RUS).

Program coordinator: Artur, UN6QC.

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