02 junio 2011



by Martti Laine, OH2BH

With great anticipation, DXers the world over are looking forward to the
9th of July this year as the predicted day of South Sudan's declaration
of independence. Indeed, that declaration is set to happen, but it will
not yet guarantee the birth of a new DXCC entity, at least at that time.

The DXCC rules are written in such a way that only a new country's
membership in the United Nations and/or its ITU country prefix will
result in the anticipated DXCC counter. The U.S. State Department
Geographer's list of Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty
obviously does not apply in this case.

The opinion from the ARRL is that no exceptions will be made in this
case. They state that the event date - i.e. declaration of independence
- will not cause potential QSOs to be counted retroactively. Rather,
Newington categorically assumes that U.N. membership, which will most
likely come first, followed by the release of an ITU prefix by the U.N. telecommunications agency, will lead to country status.

The prospect of a new country has taken an unexpected turn just
recently. The country's borderline has never been settled between North
and South Sudan in the area (Abyei) where most of the oil reserves are
located. It was agreed under the 2005 Peace Agreement that the border
issue will be resolved by the people in that province. A referendum to
settle the matter has not happened. Instead, the North (ST2) has entered
the disputed province with force. Additionally, the North has stated
that they will not support an independent State in the south unless the
contested region is theirs. The matter now remains totally in limbo.

While the amateur radio project announced earlier this year by 5Z4DZ,
ST2AR, W3UR and OH2BH is well underway, it is not yet reasonable to
swing your antennas toward South Sudan, as we speak. The project has two
well-known DXers now permanently based in South Sudan: SM7PKK and
YI1DZ/ST2DZ. The knowledge and the professional presence are in place to
proceed with an immediate activation as soon as the above country status
matters are resolved.

More news to follow.

((( 73 )))

Jarmo OH2BN

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