13 agosto 2011


From PT2OP


Sunday, August 14th we start our trip to Macapa, capital city of Amapa State towards the activation of Parazinho Island in the Balilique archipelago, IOTA SA-045.

I, PY2XB and Orlando, PT2OP, will use PQ8XB and PQ8OP calls respectively from August 17th thru August 25th. We plan to be QRV from 10 thru 40m CW, SSB and RTTY.   

The island is located in the mouth of the Amazon River, where it encounters the sea.  Life in this region is governed by tides and therefore dates and boat schedules are tide dependent.
We will stay at the Parazinho Environmental Reserve. There are links for 2 shorts movies about the reserve at www.qrz.com/db/pq8xb

Logistics are complicated to accomplish our task. Orlando had to fly to Macapa few months ago to check it all prior to our depart. We will carry fuel, food, water, batteries, spare generator, etc in a 12 hours boat trip from Macapa to Vila Progresso, a fishermen village, plus 30 to 40 minutes of small boat trip to the Reserve. All tide dependent.

There are very few operators in PQ8 land, so we will be glad to give everyone a first contact  to this rare Brazilian spot and callsign.

Contacts will be valid for IOTA (reference SA-045), WLOTA (L-1123) and ARLHS (awaiting confirmation of reference number) awards. Also will be valid for DIB Brazilians Islands Diploma (reference AP-01), DFB Brazilians Lighthouses Diploma (reference AP-03), DFS South Americans Lighthouses Award, WAB Worked All Brazil (PQ8).

When returning home, we will stop over in Macapa for a couple days.  We may activate São José de Macapá fortress using our calls /PQ8  if possible.

QSLs for PQ8XB will be handled by PT7WA and for PQ8OP by PT2OP.

Additional information when available will be posted at www.qrz.com/db/pq8xb

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to put this operation together. Special thanks to Mr. Manoel Reinaldo from Amapa Environmental Office, Policarpo-PY8JPS, and Sandro- PQ8SL, Luciano- PT7WA, and Ed- PY4WAS e Alex- PY2WAS

Fred, PY2XB, and Orlando .·. PT2OP

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