14 septiembre 2011


As a refreshing and warm summer now turns to autumn with falling leaves, making room for signal take-offs, the Radio Arcala team is getting ready for two Nordic contesting highlights - Scandinavian Activity Contest CW September 17-18 and SSB October 8-9, 2011. On CW, Radio Arcala’s mothership OH8X is to be piloted by Ilkka, OH1WZ while the new Arcala cluster station in Aland, OH0X will be under Toni's, OH2UA command. Last year’s winner Pasi, OH6UM will be at the helm of OH2BH trying to defend his CW/SSB victories. Besides preparing for the SSB leg, they are also making efforts to activate OJ0X from Market Reef. A separate release will be issued this week. The whole Nordic region is up at arms, and you can contact your friends throughout Scandinavia in their fierce annual country-to-country competition. So, what were the latest methods used by Radio Arcala’s young team to get ready for this season? Go and have a look but don't try it out from your own 50-foot towers. See them in action at QSL route: OH8X via OH2UA OH0X via OH2TA --- ((( 73 ))) Jarmo OH2BN

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