22 septiembre 2012

Italian Lighthouse Weekend

Hi Gang,

I just ran across some  information about some lighthouse activations this
weekend, Sept  22/23.

The Italian Lighthouse Weekend is being held this weekend, Sept 22  and 23
from 0001Z Saturday to 2400Z Sunday. There is very little information on
the website, but, as the old saying goes, worked first, worry  later.

Website:   http://digilander.libero.it/adriaticteam/index.htm

Go to the bottom of  the page and click on the British Flag for English
version. As you work your way  around the pages, you may come across a listing
of lighthouses with ARLHS  numbers and other number references plus station
calls. I have no idea if these  are the actual participants or not. There is
also info for the WAIL  Award....Worked All Italian Lighthouses.

Good luck.

ARLHS #278

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