09 diciembre 2017

ClubLog and IOTA

IOTA Credits for Non-standard Log Names
The chasers can now get IOTA credits through IOTA/Clublog QSO matching for irregular log names.
To facilitate this, the log names are now listed on the accepted activation's tab;
''My IOTA > > Add Qso's From Clublog > > Accepted Activation's''
In order to get a match for AA1AA/P on XX-yyy with the log name AA1AA/P_XX-yyy, the chaser must upload to Club Log a QSO with the callsign AA1AA/P_XX-yyy. Once the match is obtained, the system will automatically use the proper callsign in the subsequent credit application.
If you have questions please direct them to the IOTA Ltd Team here info@iota-world.org

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Tnx Charles Wilmott fer info

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