Resultados IOTA Contest 2006

Acabo de recibir el siguiente mensaje desde la organizacion del Concurso IOTA:


thank you for submitting your log for the IOTA 2006 contest. We are pleased to announce that we now have the provisional Results (subject to appeal).

This year, despite the low sun-spots, we received 1524 logs (a record), some 442,000 qsos sufficient to enable us adjudicate 67% of all qsos.
The two-step submission process has dramatically accelerated the adjudication procedure, so thank you for helping us!

In addition, we have received photographs from 198 stations, and more than a third of the stations entered their location using google maps.
We have integrated both the maps and photographs on the results page and we hope that they would provide a richer experience.
We would welcome your feedback on this.......
We also give you the opportunity to enter/edit your location on google maps and you can email any contest related photographs (1 per station) to the contest manager:

Should you have any queries/disagreements about our adjudication please let us know IMMEDIATELY. The results will be finalised by the October 26th 2006.


En resumen, que teneís los resultados provisionales en la dirección arriba indicada y que este año han llegado, a pesar de la mala propa, 1524 logs con un total de 442.000 QSO's, ¡no esta mal!.


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