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Esta carta abierta se publica en el boletín QRZ DX, del 4 de abril. ¿que opináis del tema?, ¿Habéis recibido alguna QSL de Vlad?

Open letter to the DX Community
If you've been a DX'er at any level in recent years, you've
undoubtedly worked Vlad, UA4WHX at one or more of his stops
in the Pacific, or in recent times, in Africa. The problem though,
is getting a QSL. My experience.. after $50 in various mailings I
did receive all QSLs for the Pacific operation. But from Africa..
going back to August 2005.. nothing. And the current thinking
is.. wait till Vlad returns to Russia and then cards will be
forthcoming. one seems to know when that might be.
And to wait over two years now.. seems likely to try the patience
of many a DX'er.. especially those on budgets who find a single
QSL (counting $2 for return postage or IRCs, envelope, etc) can
cost them several dollars. We all applaud Vlad for his
contributions of countries, islands, new bands, etc. but perhaps its
time for someone to tell him, as I heard in the distant past, that a
QSL is the "final courtesy of a QSO." Heck, some hams are in
and out of the hobby before ever seeing a card returned. Point
being, I think Vlad is perhaps turning a super DX service into a
very frustrating experience for many. I'm sure that he's had many
offers to manage the problem for him. Maybe it's time someone
subtly brought it to his attention. Perhaps this letter might me that


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