TX5C, CLIPPERTON a la vista

Según citan en el apartado HOT NEWS de la web de TX5C, Clipperton 2008, esperan llegar mañana día 5 a la isla y después de ojear si hay alguna actividad humana en la isla y ver que están haciendo .... (puede que haya piratas), intentaran desembarcar.

This morning at sunrise, our position was 16 24N 111 20 W, approximately 380 nautical miles from Clipperton Atoll. We are expecting to be at the island early in the morning on March 5th. When we arrive at Clipperton, we will circle the island and look for any possible indication that there might be human activity there. If there is, we will need to determine what type of activity is going on. Over the years there have been a variety of reports of the island being used for illicit purposes. But mostly the island is visited from time to time by fisherman and boaters that happen to land.

Así que realmente estarán en el aire antes de lo previsto. CQ CQ from TX5C

Abajo una foto de la actividad desde Clipperton del año 1992.


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