Ukrainian DXpeditioners Team (UDXT) is very glad to present our new project – PACIFIC ODYSSEY 2010. UDXT members, namely: Sergey /UX0HX, Team Leader/, Oleg /RK3FA/, Alex /UT5UY/, Yuriy /UT1HF/,Oleg /US7UX/, Leo /UR3HR/ and Yuriy Grushevskiy /SWL/ will be active on all bands , all modes as:

- 5W0OX, Samoa (CQ – 32; ITU – 62; IOTA OC – 097) 18 May – 19 May 2010
- T31X, Central Kiribati (CQ – 31; ITU – 62; IOTA OC – 043) 22 May – 1 June 2010
- ZK3X, Tokelau (CQ – 31; ITU – 62; IOTA OC – 048) 2 June – 6 June 2010

The main mission of this DXpedition is activating T31 Central Kiribati, Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands Group. This DXCC entity is ranked #7 in EU and #19 in Worlds Most Wanted List. The next goal is activating ZK3 Tokelau Islands, which is ranked #29 in EU and #35 in Worlds Most Wanted List. The running of the DXpedition to remote Pacific Islands is always very expensive. We invite organisations and individuals to make the donation towards the cost of this unique operation. For more information please visit DXpedition WEB site.

Recibido de Alex /UT5UY.


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