May 13, 2010


A small group of people noticed the soft launch of the first in a series of
two-way communications with the renowned DX Summit of OH8X, allowing masses
of people to specify their desired information out of the DX data flow after
registration. As it was expected that the system might face some kind of a
bottleneck, given a sudden surge of traffic, a total of 500 users were taken
onboard in the first wave. This number of users came in just a moment after
the service was opened. The soft launch was successful and now at 1000 UTC,
May 15, 2010 on the hour of the Dayton DX Dinner the function will be opened
for an unlimited number of users - welcome on board at

Now that we have the needed platform and capacity, we will be seeking new
application ideas. Please note that there is a new discussion forum at the
above address thrashing out and seeking new application ideas - this forum
is monitored by the software folks of Radio Arcala.


While radio contesting represents the spearhead of Radio Arcala activities
as a showcase of another "Extreme Sport", their innovation base runs much
deeper. It includes bringing Amateur Radio into the Internet in a new way
but also bringing the Internet into the core of Amateur Radio with the aim
of revitalizing Amateur Radio among today's youth. Also the sights are set
on remote control technology which represents a welcome option for new
communities to establish a remotely controlled station. Radio Arcala's three
locations are now remotely operable by their membership. They are busy
partnering with those entities that can handle and productize needed
components for a remote system; see OM Power Internet controlled amplifiers
as well as Microbit remotely controlled radio devices at

Radio Arcala is pleased to have seven gentlemen and fine operators to boost
Radio Arcala's several innovation ideas and radio competitions as well as
their presence in the IARU community in the Azores, USA, Japan, Germany and
Sweden respectively.

Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T is joining Radio Arcala in their mission of
revitalizing Amateur Radio with a youth dimension. Hans is President of IARU
Region I and President of EUDXF - not a stranger to operating radio in the
heat of competition.

Mike Styrefors, SM2O is an expert of IP controlled radios and accessory
applications. Mike is a developer of natural taste and straight driven radio
controllers with no PCs involved. Next in line is a S/W driven radio and
making two contest-graded radios talk to each other over the Web; see

Jose Melo, CU2CE, is the original founder and host of CR2X/CU2A operations
from the Azores. He is a 160M powerhouse and always ready for a good Top
Band run but also an asset for making sure that the operator in motion
feels comfortable and can enjoy an uninterrupted run. Jose is busy with his
bank's wealth management operations and rarely gets home for sunset

Francisco Gil, CU2DX, knows how to get his own super-station up to satisfy
his professional telecoms appetite, and you just cannot miss his huge 80M
beam along the highway. Call Francisco and there will be an immediate
solution to everything with a smile! Francisco likes contesting as it ties
in well with his analytical approach. Now back on his island of origin,
Francisco is in charge of real-estate development.

Jeff Steinman, N5TJ, three-time WRTC winner and current holder of both CW
and SSB SOAB World Records for CQWW will return now to the European scene.
Jeff is a telecoms professional, based in Texas but now working for a
telecom company with HQ in Northern Europe.

Carsten Esch, DL6LAU will bring RTTY activity to Radio Arcala, and both CR2X
and OH8X will soon hit the digital front. Carsten is a multi-talented
contester and seasoned visitor to the North and resonates well with the
harsh life and frozen landscapes of the Far North.

Kazunori Watanabe, JK3GAD will activate OH8X in Asian-based contests, such
as the All Asia and JDX contests, adding a Japanese flavor to the OH8X
signal and into the hearts of his countrymen and Japanese media. Kazu is a
seasoned traveler and comes from the fine AH2R team.

Radio Arcala is pleased to have these people joining its ranks in many
interesting endeavors.

Please take note of the Radio Arcala mission, their member roster and
station locations at Two of their members, Toni,
OH2UA and Pasi, OH6UM - Finland's WRTC captains - were interviewed today at

OH8X will again be active in the CQ WPX Contest SOAB operated by Toni,

((( 73 )))
Jarmo OH2BN


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