CQ DX Marathon

Aviso importante sobre el CQ DX Marathon

2010 CQ DX Marathon deadline nears

John, K9EL, CQ DX Marathon Administrator, reports:
Just a reminder that log submissions for the 2010 DX Marathon must be in by 2359Z, 31 January 2011.

Please visit http://www.dxmarathon.com for details on submitting your log.

High claimed scores will be posted on the website after the submission deadline.

Plaque and Certificate winners for 2010 will be announced mid-year 2011 in CQ Magazine and on the website.

Please note that the DX Marathon E-mail server crashed and was down from 0500Z to 2200Z on January 19th. Any logs sent during that period are unfortunately lost and will need to be re-submitted. If you are not sure, a complete list of all logs received is posted on the website.

If you do not see your call, please re-submit. We now have a backup E-mail server in place to prevent future problems.


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