InnovAntennas Acquires Force 12

Según informa G0KSC:

InnovAntennas has acquired the legendary Force 12 antenna company and product line and has moved the Force 12 factory from Bridgeport, Texas, to Grand Junction, Colorado, into a facility shared with InnovAntennas America. InnovAntennas Ltd in England is now manufacturing Force 12 products for the European market at its Canvey Island (UK) plant. The Grand Junction facility is up and running, manufacturing and shipping antennas. InnovAntennas says it plans to produce updated versions of classic Force 12 antennas as well as all-new models. InnovAntennas Founder Justin Johnson, G0KSC, was at the Colorado facility earlier this year to assist in setting up and laying out the factory, and the company expects full production to be underway by January.

Justin G0KSC has been working with Force 12 on model improvements over the last few years and has now set about an entire product overhaul which will include the already completed C and XR series Multi-monoband Yagis. The XR3 (20/15/10) and XR4 (20/15/10/6) will replace the very popular C3. The XR6 (20/17/15/12/10/6) replaces the XR5 and as with the XR4, the XR6 is much shorter than the original (30%), has comparable performance, wider bandwidth per band and includes the addition of 6m.

The new XR series has a single feed point and a new high-power inter-driven phasing arrangement capable of handling 5Kw+
All existing product lines are safe in terms of the supply of parts and repairs.


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