This Weekend: Russian RDA Contest

This Weekend: Russian RDA Contest

The Russian RDA Contest 2014, sponsored by the Tambov Award Group, will take place during the third weekend in August.
Contest time is Saturday 08:00 UTC through Sunday 08:00 UTC on 160 through 10 meters.
You can compete as a single operator CW only, SSB only or both (mix) either in low or high power categories. Multi operator stations can only enter this contest in mix modes, high power.
In detail, the categories to be reported in Cabrillo 3.0 log are:
A-MIX-World (Single Op – MIX)
A-MIX-World-LP (Single Op – MIX – Low Power)
A-CW-World (Single Op – CW)
A-CW-World-LP (Single Op – CW – Low Power)
A-SSB-World (Single Op – SSB)
A-SSB-World-LP (Single Op – SSB – Low Power)
B-World (Multi Op – MIX)
Only QSOs with Russian stations are valid, each awarding 10 points.
The exchange is the usual RST report followed by a progressive number. In return, you’ll get the RST report and the RDA district number. The number of districts worked is the multiplier.
Logs must be uploaded on by 31 August and the results will be published the following day. For rules, see:
About Dxpeditions activity, you can find on the air an IOTA reference, activated only once before: Pamban island, India (AS-173). The operators are VU2GGM, VU2JHM, VU2LU, VU2LX and VU2UR and they are active between 14 and 17 August in CW e SSB. More info on


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