After VK7FG expedition to Flinders island (OC-195) EA3NT Christian will travel alone to the Solomon islands with the aim to put on the air at least two rare IOTA references.

Due the lack of information in internet about some particular islands, the activity will be uncertain until Christian arrives to Honiara and finds transport and accommodation.

The main target are the Russell islands (OC-168), not activated since 2001 and just claimed by  the 11,2% of participants in the IOTA award.

In case he cannot travel to the Russell islands (OC-168), his second option would be the Florida islands (OC-158) which was more recently activated and claimed by the 18,7% of participants. The Florida islands are easier to access and offer plenty of accomodation, so it would be an easy-to-achieve backup plan.
Christian will carry 2 batteries and solar panels to run his 100w radio, in case there is no power available at any time of the day on any of the islands, specially on the Russell islands.

After activating either the Russell or the Florida islands Christian will continue the tour and will fly to Bellona island (OC-127), not activated since 2009 and claimed by the 19,7% of participants, where he will stay for 3 days. The flight is booked and confirmed, but not yet the accommodation, as there is a very nice resort on the island but on a very bad location for a good take-off into Europe, therefore he will first try to find a different place to stay with a better take-off but surely much lower comfort...

Tnx christian for info.


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